December 2, 2020

Pen and notebook in hand, I sat down in my prayer closet.  The weight lifted off of me as I quieted my mind and just sat with Jesus.  After a few minutes, I started asking Him for direction for a fruitful week. What are my writing goals and priorities for the week?  This is what I got:

Awesome!  I can do this.  This list seems easy enough.  I love it when I get very specific, clear vision or goals for the week from God.  

The week started great.  I started with family, house and homeschool first and tackled those to-do lists because it’s family first over ministry/work.  I sat down and turned on my computer to start on the list for my writing.  Why is the computer taking so long to load?   While I was waiting, I hung up and folded the laundry air drying on the rack and checked again.

Still Nothing.

I turned off the computer and tried again.  An hour later, nothing.  

Um…Jesus, I need your help with this computer.  If the computer doesn’t turn on then I can’t do any of the writing work you specifically told me to do.  You even told me through Ezra to complete the work you gave me to do and be diligent in my work.  I’m trying but I have come across another roadblock.

These types of roadblocks have been happening almost every day for three weeks now.  A computer issue here, a website problem there, a mental breakdown here and there, making meeting those goals impossible.  Lately, every time I try to make progress in building what God is calling me to do I get a roadblock.  This shouldn’t surprise me.  I mean God has been speaking to me for over a month about opposition to the build through Nehemiah, Joshua and Ezra.

Build Was The Word And Vision That God Gave Me For My Family In January 2020.

I was getting so frustrated that what I was trying to accomplish for God was getting so much resistance.  For three weeks, I was faithful to keep trying to break through with forward momentum.   No matter what I did, nothing worked. 

God, I Need You To Help Me.  I Need You To Step In And Break Through The Barriers.  

Nothing, Yet.

I struggled to hold onto the truth that God saw me…that He was on His way.  He kept telling me to complete the work, and I kept getting discouraged that I couldn’t complete it.  

I was so afraid I was missing something because at every turn I came upon a roadblock.  What am I missing?  I know the enemy was trying to stop my work.  God was showing me this through scriptures I was reading (Ezra 4:4-5, Nehemiah 4:7-11, Nehemiah 6:8-9).  

I also know, God, that you are in complete control so why are You giving me these goals just for me to come upon roadblocks?  

After a phone call with a new mentor and friend, I realized that the roadblocks, though Satan tried using them for harm, God was using them to pace and prepare me.  God was using it all to align me with His perfect timing in the opportunities and growth to come.  

Embrace the roadblocks because if you are following God and aligning with Him you aren’t going to miss it. You are in it.  God is allowing something you don’t understand to happen for your benefit or the benefit of others.  

The roadblocks can’t stop you from doing what God has called you to do.

The Only Thing That Can Stop You From Walking In God’s Calling Is Giving Up Or Choosing To Say No To God.

God is using the roadblocks.  If I had not gone through the roadblocks I wouldn’t have this blog post to encourage someone with roadblocks, too. 

I was so nervous about possibly missing what God wanted me to do, that I forgot how faithful He is. If He really wants me to know something or do something He will get my attention or remind me until it clicks.  Have peace, girl.  God is with you, and you aren’t off track.  Just enjoy and do your best right now, and when He is ready He will reveal to you what He wants to do. 

Even if we did get off track, God is too gracious and patient not to give us a second and third chance, with a pure heart, to catch up. He patiently waits for us to catch up to Him.  He will even grab our hand and pull us into Him. 

This gives me so much peace knowing that there is not a single thing anyone or myself can do to throw off the timing of what God wants to do.  There is an appointed time. 

God Will Use The Roadblocks To Get You Exactly Where You Need To Be At The Perfect Time, Prepared And Ready For The Opportunity. 

So not only did I not see that the roadblocks were leading me to write and encourage through this post, but I didn’t know God was creating the very content I would need to write the next chapter in my FIGHT book—The Appointed Time.  He did it THROUGH the roadblocks.  God used the very thing the enemy wanted to use, to stop the work, to create the opportunity for the completion of the work.  Keep building!  You may not feel it now, but you are building and creating THROUGH the roadblocks for the Kingdom of God.   

Genesis 50:20 “You Planned Evil Against Me; God Planned It For Good To Bring About The Present Result—The Survival Of Many People.”  

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