Hi, I’m Cassie

Watercolor and Mixed-media Artist, Painter, Muralist, Christian Writer, Founder of Cassie Rhoda Art, Creative Entrepreneur, Spreader of Hope, Beloved Wife, Homeschool Mom, and most importantly Lover and Follower of Jesus


The Mission

I create beautiful works of art to shine the light of Jesus, share with those suffering and in need, and inspire others to do the same. 


“If a brother or sister is without clothes and lacks daily food and one of you says to them, “Go in peace, stay warm, and be well fed,” but you don’t give them what the body needs, what good is it?”  — James 2:15-16 


*A portion of all the funds coming in through this business goes to a prayed over ministry, family, or individual of God's choosing to help those suffering and in need.  (contact Cassie for more information)

These special pieces of art are prayed over with the collector in mind before being shipped.  I pray your home and life is full of hope, joy, peace, and freedom in Jesus's name!





My passion is Jesus.  He has radically changed my life, and I can’t help but talk about Him.  


I love working with other fun people that want to share the love of Jesus with people that need hope, joy, peace, and freedom.  Some of the ways I am called to do that is through art, murals, writing, and speaking.  


In the art world, painting is my thing.  Mixed mediums including watercolor, acrylics, wax, etc. are what I currently love experimenting with and do the most of. Marbling with watercolor is one of my specialities.


Most of the art I create is inspired by the beauty in God’s creation—especially flowers. Flowers just make me happy!  Currently, I am working on some pieces for a colorful and fun art gallery in NYC I was invited to. 


Lately, I have been itching to do very large paintings so I am excited to be expanding into more murals, too.  I have a current goal to paint encouraging, joy-filled murals in hospitals and doctors offices as a way to spread a little sunshine into the chronic illness community. Another goal I have is to give a piece of art away in a charity auction.  


I, too, know what it's like to suffer a lot in life.  My life has basically been the book of Job in the Bible rewritten.  I’ve endured through severe chronic illness in my twenties and early thirties, abuse and trauma, infertility, massive heartbreak and loss from betrayal, being pushed out of our home because of greed and corruption, and even losing family and friends along the way. So I can relate. 


Jesus was with me through it, redeemed my story, and even miraculously healed me physically and emotionally so I can comfort and help others endure. We all need some beauty, hope, peace, and joy to come alongside of us in our darkest and weakest moments, and that's my mission to plant that kind of art and encouragement in dark and lonely places.


Because I know what it’s like to be in need, I love sharing my resources with those in need.  A portion of all proceeds coming in through this business goes to a prayed over ministry, family, or individual to help care and share with those who are in need.  (contact me if you want more information) 


Cassie Rhoda Art not only is used to care and share with others, but we inspire others to do the same.  Together we can make a difference in the world around us.


When I’m not creating…

I’m usually outdoors hiking in the Colorado mountains with friends and family or alone with Jesus, browsing through the flower and art shops just for fun, serving with my friends at my local church, on a “coffee walk and talk” date with my Hubby, or curled up watching a mystery movie with my teenage daughter. Life is full of adventures and I’m all about it! 


My Family



I love my little family!  We are by no means perfect.  In fact, we’ve experienced a lot of suffering and brokenness.  That’s where Jesus stepped in and redeemed it all!  Cancer, a stroke, severe chronic illness, addiction, anxiety, depression, suicidal thoughts, infertility, trauma, infidelity, and financial hardship had nothing on our Jesus!  


Everything that tried to steal, kill, and destroy us backfired and taught us how to CELEBRATE the goodness and grace of God no matter the circumstances. Now, I want to share and care to help you celebrate in the middle of the mess, waiting, and suffering. Join me on this journey and let this joy of the Lord be contagious in Jesus name.



Get To Know More About Me


#1 What is you favorite drink?

Large Iced Decaf Cardamom Mocha With Almond Milk From Loyal Coffee In Colorado Springs

Haha! I Know…It’s A Lot


#4 What is your favorite take-out food?

Oh, That’s Hard…Right Now I’d Say Shri-Ganesh


#2 What are your three favorite colors?

That’s A Hard One For An Artist But To Keep It Simple…Yellows, Pinks, And Oranges


#5 Where are you from?

Born And Raised In Arkansas But Now In Colorado Springs, CO


#3 Where do you want to visit overseas?

Greece, Israel, And Switzerland


#6 What is your favorite Bible verse?

Another Hard One…

My Verse Of The Year Is Jeremiah 29:11



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